rtificial intelligence (AI) is no longer something that is only seen in science fiction movies, but is something that is rapidly growing in the workplace. While the fear used to be that AI would replace human workers, that just isn’t the case. It actually allows employees to streamline tasks and leaders to manage and handle day-to-day operations better.

AI systems are saving employees time by eliminating remedial tasks that used to require manual input, while also ensuring things don’t get overlooked. By integrating communication tools like Slack with project management tools such as JIRA, AI systems are able to handle reminders, scheduling, and follow-ups for a more efficient process.

Don’t Get Left Behind

Only 23% of businesses claim to have incorporated AI into their processes and offerings. However, that number will jump significantly by 2025, with 90% of new enterprise apps expected to be embedded with artificial intelligence by then. This rapid growth is due to the fact that early adopters to AI are already seeing significant benefits, including cost reductions, increased efficiency, revenue growth, improved customer experience, and much more.

AI allows businesses to work smarter and faster so they can cruise past the competition. In fact, according to Accenture, “Incorporating AI into the workplace has the potential to increase productivity by 40% or more.” This isn’t surprising when you think about the millions of workers around the globe that switch between many apps throughout their workday.

By incorporating an AI-driven productivity solution like MetaSpark, you can bring every task from every system your business uses into one dashboard. When workers don’t have to switch between apps constantly throughout the day, that mitigates work getting lost in the fray, saves time, and enables workers to focus on the more human aspects of work.

AI-Powered Automation

One of the primary advantages of using AI tools is that workers can save time on busy work. Reporting, record keeping, and other tasks in the workplace typically take up a significant amount of time. AI allows you to automatically pull tasks out of all your existing systems, requiring no data entry, so that employees have more time to focus on their deliverables.

By contrast, traditional project management tools require manual creation of all tasks, which is far less efficient and cost-effective. This is advantageous to management and also creates a work environment that is more comfortable for employees when they’re given the appropriate resources to feel supported.

Furthermore, AI-powered automation can prioritize and organize those tasks to keep everyone’s days clean and organized. With automated reminders and well-organized, simple task lists, organizations can ensure tasks get completed on time. Workers are only human—they set out to be as productive as possible, but they often get caught up in other issues and lose focus on a project. AI can see every moving part of every system and prioritize tasks based on what it’s seeing. This allows workers to stay ahead of the game and stay on top of deadlines.



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Providing Insights to Management

To optimize planning, organizing, team collaboration, and lateral thinking, AI has proven to be an important tool. Managers are always looking for ways to improve their team’s productivity and performance. With a tool that enables them to analyze the work people are doing within an integrated system, they can achieve just that by reducing the potential for errors and reducing repetitive administration work.

Let’s break this down a bit. In technical terms, every one of these systems stores metadata, or data about the data, as people complete their work each day. Tools like MetaSpark then analyze the metadata to understand people’s productivity and performance. In real-time, this enables managers to identify which teams and individuals are most productive and which ones may need more help—even for remote employees. In much the same way as user profiles for shoppers can be identified by AI, managers can understand the nuances of individual workers so they can understand their patterns.

Real-time Analytics

AI allows you to track employee progress in real-time so you can fix a problem as soon as it comes up. Traditionally, it was difficult to evaluate employee performance because managers relied on peer reviews, self-assessments, and difficult to measure business outcomes. But with live dashboards and analytics, you can stop making guesses about performance and rely on the data. This also provides bias-free, objective performance feedback because AI assesses performance purely on performance data and achievement metrics.

AI allows you to incentivize workers by rewarding those that make the biggest impact—by matching incentives to performance. MetaSpark enables employees to earn points whenever tasks are completed on time, which eventually adds up meaningful awards. You can even let employees choose their awards, such as gift cards to restaurants or stores, or make a donation to their favorite charity. According to a study, 78% of employees say they are more productive after being rewarded, and 79% say recognition makes them work harder. An incentive program is a great way to spur your employees to be more productive.

Implementing an AI Task Management System

According to Adzooma, 47% of CEOs say they’re worried about how difficult it is to integrate AI systems with their existing systems, and 40% say their biggest obstacle is the cost to integrate AI. Well, the good news is that MetaSpark takes care of both of those concerns.

MetaSpark’s AI-Driven Workforce Productivity Hub has pre-built integrations into dozens of the most common software platforms. It offers accurate, data-driven insights into productivity across individuals, departments, and the entire organization easily and affordably. And ,it automatically extracts and prioritizes your tasks from all your systems into one platform so that employees don’t have to spend hours a day switching between apps—truly improving task management in the workplace.

Vishal Marria, the CEO of Quantexa, an enterprise intelligence company, says it best, “Instead of focusing on the fear surrounding automation, businesses need to embrace these new technologies to ensure they implement the most effective AI systems to enhance and complement human intelligence.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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