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Aaron Marks

Remote Working

5 Tips for Improving Productivity with a Remote Workforce

2020 was the year that remote working went mainstream. With this shift came a great deal of uncertainty and changes in the ways of working. How do you ensure your remote workers are productive? Read on for 5 critical tips.

Why You Need to Consolidate Sales Ops Tasks Across Your Stack

Sales operations leaders rely on large - and growing - software stacks. Despite the benefits of these growing stacks, they can also hurt productivity and efficiency across the sales team. Learn why this is the case, and how better task management can get your sales team back to tip-top productivity.
Workforce Productivity & Efficiency

7 Easy Tips to Make Your Employees More Efficient

Enabling your employees to be efficient is critical. Inefficient employees are unhappy and unproductive. We share 7 actionable, simple tips for making employees more efficient.

7 Ways Automation Improves Productivity for Operational Tasks

In today's tech-heavy world, improving employee productivity is more important than ever. Automation is key way to eliminate mundane and repetitive tasks, streamline workflows, and make your employees more productive. Learn how automation can improve productivity in 7 different functions of your company.
Employee Satisfaction

6 Ways to Improve Employee Retention and Motivation

Employee retention and motivation go hand in hand. How do you ensure your employees are motivated so that they stick around?
Task Management

How AI Can Improve Task Management in the Workplace

AI is rapidly growing in the workplace. Learn the specifics of how using a strong AI platform can make your employees happier and more productive.
Employee Engagement

How Productivity Software Can Increase Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is crucial to productivity and retention. How does technology impact employee engagement? And specifically, how can productivity software help improve engagement?
Task Management

How Better Task Management Enhances Employee Productivity

The way your people manage and complete their tasks has a direct impact on productivity. With employees stuck switching between more apps than ever, how can you ensure they get all of their work done effectively and on time?