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5 Reasons CIOs Should Consolidate Tasks for Employees Into One Platform

A recent study by Forrester found that consolidating employee tasks into one platform can lead to efficiency gains of up to 26%. That's a significant increase that any business would love to see. As a CIO, you're always looking for ways to improve efficiency and productivity within your company. Here are 5 reasons why consolidating tasks for employees into one platform is the way to go.
Task Management

How AI Can Improve Task Management in the Workplace

AI is rapidly growing in the workplace. Learn the specifics of how using a strong AI platform can make your employees happier and more productive.
Workforce Productivity & Efficiency

Why Productivity Software Tops Employee Monitoring Software

Employee monitoring software grew in popularity during the pandemic, as employers struggled to adapt to remote work. But can productivity software replace monitoring software and simultaneously make employees happier? Read on to find out.
Workforce Productivity & Efficiency

How the Right Team Productivity Tools Impact Employee Performance

Are you struggling to improve, or even find, team productivity tools? Read this blog to learn how employee performance relies on efficient technology.
Task Management

The Best Task Management Software Elements in 2021

The best task management software in the marketplace can be tough to find. Read this blog to discover what elements work for you, and find the best one for your team.
Workforce Productivity & Efficiency

How to Change Your Routine for Work Productivity

For a leader to improve their work productivity, they must first change their routine. However, routine is difficult to change. After all, humans are creatures of habit.
Task Management

Navigating the Project Management Terrain with Generative AI: A Deep Dive into Task Automation and MetaSpark

The current business ecosystem operates in an increasingly complex environment, where efficiency and innovation are key to survival.